Our Formats

La Gelateria

The Classical Ice Cream Shop without laboratory with daily fresh Ice Cream

LikyLiky World

The Great Italian Artisan Gelato with laboratory specifically designed for foreign countries


Loft Cafe - Artisan Gelato, Cafe, Cocktail Bar and Food Quality for a more complete offer

LikyLiky Soft

Ice Cream & Yogurt "Do It Yourself" in Self Service, proven system for high profits with low costs

Events and Opening

  • Loft Cafè - Dublino EIRE

    Loft Cafè - Dublino EIRE

    Settembre 2015

    In the center of Dublin comes LOFT Café a wonderful opportunity to export food and Italian style in a city home to good beer and great music.

  • Sardegna Cagliari

    Sardegna Cagliari

    30 giugno 2015

    Capoterra province of Cagliari houses the latest work of Italian Cafe LOFT by Liky Liky you expect from July to taste all our specialties from the Ice Cream Crepes aperitifs ...

  • Auckland New Zeland

    Auckland New Zeland

    31 Sep, 2015

    2015 Brand New World: Auckland New Zealand opening Liky Liky World - the ice cream that brings Italian style to the world ...

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife

    Santa Cruz de Tenerife

    31 Sep, 2015

    After the success of two activities in Las Palmas Gran Canaria, Liky Liky arrives in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the beautiful Island of Eternal Spring comes the Italian ice cream ...