Liky Liky Ice Cream Shop without Lab

The perfect formula from € 39.900

What does the lab without?
This formula provides the only use of the batch freezer, simple practical and effective for the cost savings, no ice cream, no laboratory, no increases in raw materials, no waste of product, electricity contents, in 15 minutes you get to a pan kg. 4.5 of fresh ice cream ready for sale. Our ice cream is handmade, and is prepared according to a special recipe, it can be added with dark chocolate, fruit pieces, cookies and much more, creating an original proposal to the public, containing much of the processing time. This task will be a fast training that will allow you to go into production in a few days and start making money right away

This formula is particularly suitable for ice-cream parlors of small dimensions located in historical center or situations of large flow of people. From 35 sqm you can create a ‘good business and become entrepreneurs in the business of safe ice. As always at the base of your business there will be a study of preproduction that will determine the validity of your investment especially from the position, the demographic situation in the area, from the walkway and the visibility of the great arteries. Excellent presence in shopping centers or hypermarkets.

Our team will provide you with:Penguin
Location search
Calculation of feasibility
Architectural design furniture and structures
Project hydraulic and electric
hydraulic design and electric
Supply furniture and signs and packaging
Supply of machinery
First supply raw materials
Training with master ice cream maker
Start-up of ice cream
Launch of local marketing and advertising printed support
Social Networks and web marketing