Liky Liky Self – “Self Service” Formula

The new FORMULA “Do It Yourself”, with High Gain Low operating costs.

Liky Liky Self is the fashion of the moment, offering a quick return on investment with operating costs and reduced staff. Thanks to our system, we guarantee high profit margins. Liky Liky Self is an important reality in the world of Artisan Gelato Self Service. The product is supplied ready for use in practical bags also daily or as needed.

Format provides the only ice cream machine professional creaming instant so the customer uses alone through a guided tour that takes him to garnish the bowl of ice cream with different types of fresh fruit, jams, smarties, biscuits and sauces. The Format includes 5 Soft machines two flavors, and ‘also provided the formula yogurt, a healthy and genuine greatly appreciated by the customer demanding and health-conscious.



Our team will provide you:
• Location search
• Calculation feasibility
• Architectural design furniture and structures
• Project hydraulic and electric
• Supply furnishings signs and packaging
• Supply of machinery
• First supply raw materials
• Training with master ice cream maker
• Technical training equipment use
• Start-up of ice cream
• Launch of local marketing and advertising printed support
• Social Networks and web marketing