Likyliky Self

 The new FORMULA Do It Yourself”, with High Gain Low operating costs.

Liky Liky Self is the fashion of the moment, offering a quick return on investment with operating costs and reduced staff. Thanks to our system, we guarantee high profit margins. Liky Liky Self is an important reality in the world of Artisan Gelato Self Service. The product is supplied ready for use in practical bags also daily or as needed.

Likyliky Classic

The perfect formula from € 39,900

What meansthe lab without”?
This formula provides the only use of the batch freezer, simple practical and effective for the cost savings, no ice cream, no laboratory, no increases in raw materials, no waste of product, electricity contents, in 15 minutes you get to a pan kg. 4.5 of fresh ice cream ready for sale. Our ice cream is handmade, and is prepared according to a special recipe, it can be added with dark chocolate, fruit pieces, cookies and much more, creating an original proposal to the public, containing much of the processing time. This task will be a fast training that will allow you to go into production in a few days and start making money right away.

Likyliky World

This is the formula Queen of Concept Liky Liky we export worldwide. With LikyLiky World prepares ice cream from raw materials of great quality coming to the finished product. And ‘in the most challenging real that provides a longer course, but that will give you, the professional competence. Again, however, we do not need to create a complete laboratory but with a single machine called Triptych and our compound does not have to do is add milk and cream flavors in the water with fruit in fruit flavors. Nothing challenging from an economic standpoint and as a space to devote to serving as well as the processing of fresh produce. This activity includes operating space starting from 100 square meters. and it can be installed anywhere in the World Today with the brand LIKYLIKY and LOFT COFFEE ‘we are present in Las Palmas Gran Canary, in Greece in Thessaloniki, Brussels, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Dubai, Drogheda Co.Louth, Miami, New Onehunga Zealand …

Loft Cafè

LOFT Café is a trademark of Liky Liky coined for the full version of the offer, a unique and original in design that works at any time of the day where it is expected not only ice cream, but also coffee, pastry, pancake, italian food , and appetizing cocktail bar & etc. . And the ideal formula for those who have a wide surface area and want to manage aactivities more important and profitable