Our Ice Cream is 40 years old…

A great product is the result of a great experience as well as the quality of raw materials and skilled workmanship and controlled: this for more than 40 years is our philosophy.


Liky Liky Artesan Ice Cream
Each ice cream is the result of an exclusive recipe, studied, modified and improved by Masters Gelato in years of tests and inspections. Following this for every taste or special cream we reached a basic balanced and stabilized and every taste fruit we found the right balance in its preparation.

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In our laboratory each type of taste has a unique formulation that involves the right dosage of raw materials and ingredients of the highest quality. All food necessary to create an ice cream flavor are mixed and simultaneously homogenized, or undergo a heat treatment that gives biological stability to the food because it eliminates much of the bacterial flora and leaves unchanged the characteristics.
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Once the pasteurization, let rest gelato for about 4/8 hour, thus enabling all the ingredients to blend well and the solid parts of hydrated in order to obtain an ice cream creamier and with a better structure.
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The mixture is then whipped rested by qualified personnel, so that it can incorporate a high percentage of air and through the action of intense cold, you get a creamy ice cream and palatable. The air is in fact irreplaceable component and characteristic of the ice cream, as it softens the structure and is freezing. It gives the gelato sweetness and heat” and increased resistance to temperature changes.
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The ice cream product now is first felled, or our ice cream using blast chillers and bring the product to -20 ° C in a short time and then retain in our cells to temperatures of at least -20 ° C.
The cold chain is maintained constantly in our company to ensure the
right structure and creaminess to gelato and ensure a safe product to the consumer ..
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The preparation of a good ice cream in an undisputed part from the selection of raw materials that compose it. The ingredients are carefully chosen, are all genuine and natural and increasingly from certified producers and controlled processes at the origin; Milk and cream are both fresh and the yolk of the egg is pasteurized. Fruit flavors using fresh fruit in season, from crops and Italian subsidiaries. Once washed, cleaned and peeled fruit is pureed and partly stored in the freezer to ensure a genuine off-season. For some fruit flavors, such as orange and lemon, it used the juice squeezed from these prufumati citrus.
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 Soft, delicious and round on the palate a classic piece of cake or semifreddo is always a pleasure after a meal, because it is a perfect marriage between taste and expert workmanship. Preparing a cake first requires a careful choice of raw materials, as their flavor is transferred to each element of the cake without the need for industrial aromas.
Our Confectioners, in fact, carefully selected ingredients, using only fresh ones, such as milk cream and fruit, coming from certified origin, such as cocoa and eggs. A soft sponge cake, filled with vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, hazelnut or whipped cream and delicious fruit, meets the tastes of discerning and sophisticated palates, but also of those who love the flavors of traditional Italian desserts, authentic and genuine. The decor is beautiful and refined hand-made as of the ancient art of pastry and cake making each a unique piece, craftsmanship and quality.